Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Please see our frequently asked questions. If you still have more questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    25 Hours Classroom or Online Driver Education.

    Six Hours Behind the Wheel with a licensed instructor

    50 hours Behind the Wheel with a parent (10 being at night)

    Have a permit a minimum of six months

    Be a minimum of 16 years of age and one day to take the behind-the-wheel driving test at DMV.

    Driver's Education is the classroom or online portion of a student's driving program. Online is done at the student's own pace.

    The State of California requires the following topics be covered in all Driver's Education Programs:

    Rules of the Road

    Psychology of Driving

    Emotions and Attitude

    Defensive Driving

    Basic Car Control and Safety Features

    Alcohol and Drugs

    Signs, Signals And Road Markings


    Handling Emergencies and Travel Tips

    The Automobile, It's Construction and Care

    Written and Drive test preparation

    You can pre-register over the phone with any of our customer service representatives. You may also register online.

    No. The only time your child will need their birth certificate or social security card is when you go to apply for the permit or the license test.

    Bond Driving School offers several payment options:

    Pre-pay with Credit Card, Check or Cash

    Online Payment and check by phone is also accepted

    All services must be prepaid prior to starting any program with Bond Driving School.

    After Driver's Education is completed, your child will be issued a certificate of completion of Driver's Education. Your child will need to take their certificate to the DMV along with their birth certificate, Social Security card, proof of residency and a completed DL 44 form (application for the permit). They will then take a vision test and the written permit test. Once they obtain the permit, he/she will be eligible to start the behind the wheel part of the driving program.

    DMV Handbook is available in both written and audio form. In fact, you can request an audio exam for the written test at the DMV in lieu of the written test.

    At Bond Driving School, we will make every effort to accommodate your child. Our location is wheelchair accessible. Beyond that, please inform the office staff so the appropriate accommodations can be made for your child. You may review our adaptive training outline in the Rehabilitation section of our website.

    Bond Driving School Online Driver's Education is completed via the Internet and should be completed in about 22 hours.

    We are located in the Sacramento area, Watt and El Camino

    If your child wants to get their license before they turn 18 they will need to take the Driver's Education classes. However, the exception to this rule is if your child is already 17 1/2, he/she does not have to take the classes in order to get their permit, but your child can not get a license until they turn 18. Most insurance companies will give discounts if Driver's Education & Training is taken.

    Your child can take Driver's Education at age of 15 years. But we suggest that they be at least 15 and a few months. They can get their permit at the age of 15 1/2, so it is best to take Driver's Education closer to the date they can take their written test.

    If you are trying to log into your main account (to purchase more lessons, schedule your behind the wheel driving, etc.) then click the log-in at the home page. For driver's education online log-in, the links are in the "Prepaid Registration Link" email you received.

    Yes, we do evaluations to prescribe the proper controls, left foot accelerator and hand control lessons and work closely with doctors, insurance, the DMV, and installation companies. Please see the Rehabilitation link on the home page.

    We DO NOT offer refunds, however any remaining lessons, or unused drivers education codes or classroom time session (if not started) can be transferred to another student for no fee. Please see the terms and conditions section on our home page.

    TeenSmart is an online defensive driving course that teenagers take to receive 20% off on insurance rates for the first 3 years of driving. Since the insurance companies that accept this program change often, it is best to contact us for further information.

    To buy more lessons you do not need to enter all your information into our system again. All you need to do is log into your main account, then click "purchase more lessons". If you are unsure please call our office. Please DO NOT set up another account by entering all your information in again from the registration page.

    With teens, we do utilize the "piggybacking system" on occasion. You may opt out of this by request. Adults will receive private lessons. No request is necessary.

    Piggybacking is when the first student's lesson ends at the second student's house. The second student will begin their lesson by taking the first student home. This gives the students a chance to absorb the training without having to perform it. Observation time has been recognized as a method of learning and is required to obtain a license in some countries.