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Driver Safety

Driver Safety Program

Bond Driving School works together with Driver Safety Department at DMV to assist you with regaining your license. We provide assistance with hearing appointments and obtaining your Special Permit in order to prepare you for the Driver Safety driving exam.

We also provide a detailed report after each driving lesson for the DMV.

We also assist you in taking the driving test at DMV.

Call 916-485-5779 for further information.


  • Should I take this program?If you have been refered to take Driver Safety by your doctor or law enforcement, we can assist you in getting your drivers license back.
  • What is the process of dealing with Driver Safety? - Attend hearing at the Driver Safety office

    - Request special permit so that we can train you

    - Signup with Bond Driver Safety Program

    - Take driving test at DMV office
  • Can I signup and pay online?Yes you can. Click on the Register button. You can also securrely signup and pay for the course.
  • Any other questions?If you have any other questions please call our office at 916-485-5779

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