ADHD Program

ADHD Program - What You Need to Know

Behind the Wheel With ADHD is a program designed for professionals to use with their driving students who are struggling with developing necessary skills to drive competently because of deficits in their executive functioning skills. There is no other program like this currently available to address the special risks associated with ADHD and driving.

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We also assist you in taking the driving test at DMV.

Program Includes:

Online Drivers Ed

21 Hours In-Car Driving

DMV Drive Test

Teen ADHD Video

Parent ADHD Video


Course includes:

Executive functioning skills of the brain

Background knowledge about the connection between the brain and behavior that specifically impacts driving skill: Impulsivity; Distractibility; Inattention

How and why to use effective external tools to compensate for what ADHD and other challenged students cannot do themselves

The maturational lag common in ADHD teens and how this lag directly impacts driving performance

ADHD teens need a longer training phase; we provide a recommended GDL for instructors to share with parents and create an awareness for the need for extra time before license

Impaired Behaviors and How they Mimic DUI: important information to empower the new teen driver to handle situations where police may stop them due to driving behaviors caused by their ADHD.

Enhanced Drivers Log for ADHD students

Impact of stimulant medications on ADHD drivers; how missing a dose can impact driving skill and recommendations for dealing with this matter with parents

Information on the newest technology available for mitigating risks associated with texting and cell phone use and other things that contribute to distracted driving


This program is designed for students who are diagnosed with ADHD and ADD.

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I wanted to work on getting my driver's license as soon as possible in Feb, while most surrounding driving schools told me I had to wait until April, I found bond driving school who said they can take me right away. Here I am with my driver's license at mid march, i couldn't practice at home because I don't have a car. After five 2-hours lessons, so I've only been driven 10 hours in my life, I passed my driver's test. Thank to my instructors who are so brave and willing to risk their lives riding with me:P The desk people was really responsible and kind.

Yingni W., Citrus Heights, CA

PSA for my fellow folks with disabilities! Bond is THE place to go to learn how to drive with hand controls. First, they offer two vehicles for people with disabilities: one is a red Prius with hand controls and the other is modified van, should you need to drive from your actual chair. And, they have EIGHT different models for controls, so you can find the one that works with your ability level. Second, John is a phenomenal driving instructor. He is very calm and collected. Never gets impatient. Never raises his voice. Is always willing to explain and answer questions. He never made me feel bad about any mistakes I made, no matter how many times I made them. He was never condescending. And he is hilarious! A great person just to converse with when your lesson isn't filled with driving talk. I got my license with 18 hours of instruction and I couldn't be more thankful to Bond for helping me make that happen!

Katie L., Sacramento, CA

We got a great deal since I have 2 drivers in the house. My daughter did well with her classes and still practicing before her test. I do appreciate the calls when things do happen with their drivers. My son has had an interesting time so far. They moved up his 1st appointment. The second just got changed from 1 day to another. Thankfully the same week. Like I said it's been different with both kid's in their program. I do appreciate the calls regarding when things happen, but maybe make phone calls before the drive. Overall it has been good.

Julie J., Citrus Heights, CA